make kiologfilereader test actually do something

Review Request #128328 - Created June 30, 2016 and submitted

Harald Sitter
- it read from http which would error in the kjob but since
  the kiologreader class has no facilities to communicate errors this
  gets ignored
- it consturcted a !local! url from an http uri string resulting in kio
  constructing a file slave for http://localhost...
- it had a 100 second wait for no good reason
- it didn't do any verification of any sort
- all in all this test was a fancy sleep 100

- replaced excess slot with lambda to compress test case to make it
  more readable in one go
- find fixture on-disk via QFINDTESTDATA
- make logfile read that
- connect to read lines and line-for-line compare them with the fixture
  (read via qtextstream)

i.e. this test now actually checks that the logfile class can read lines

builds and passes

Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Harald Sitter
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Submitted with commit 8283de282f103501ae8d0108db1c52feddfc331c by Harald Sitter to branch Applications/16.04.