Make command line option values translatable

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Burkhard Lück

This was the default behavior in kde4 and most kf5 apps


Christoph Cullmann
Burkhard Lück
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Albert Astals Cid

I'm a bit unconvinced by this to be honest, as far as i understand this, people (or other tools, e.g. okular) that have learnt to use some parameters will break suddenly when they get translated, right? I'm totally in favour of translated options being accepted but we should be sure to not break english versions for retro/API compability

  1. This is only the --help documentation for option values. Instead of saying --start <session> it can say --start <sesión>. --start itself is still not translatable.

    You could argue the review has a bad description...

  2. Oh, misunderstood, sorry for the noise.