Add initial Bluetooth backend implementation. (KDE)

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Saikrishna Arcot

Sending payloads is not supported yet, but receiving payloads is.

The getPairedDevices() method (used only if the Qt version is 5.4.0 or less) in the link provider class uses D-Bus to get the list of paired devices. This is needed because older versions of Qt didn't support BlueZ 5, and therefore the bluetooth backend wouldn't work at all.

Android side is in /r/128270.

KDE Connect runs, and the bluetooth service gets published in the SDP (service discovery protocol), which other devices use to determine what services are available.

Receiving files works (tested with 1.5 MB picture), but sending files doesn't work due to how Qt sends data over bluetooth.

Browsing the remote device will not work since this uses SSHFS, which relies on a IP network.

Saikrishna Arcot
Saikrishna Arcot
Saikrishna Arcot
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