remove json, appdata and mimetype pos from frameworks tarball

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Burkhard Lück

see summary

would make sense to share some common stuff between applications + frameworks

David Faure
Burkhard Lück
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Submitted with commit 7bc691e9743b4c498198c00559f1f03ac3fe2330 by Burkhard Lück to branch frameworks/5.0.
David Faure

I just realized that this change was in fact a no-op. isn't used when releasing frameworks (it's the script that makes the separate l10n tarballs, when releasing applications). I'll remove it from the frameworks branch of release-tools to remove confusion. This means you probably need to revisit this. The l10n stuff is done in and
Sorry for not noticing earlier.

  1. takes the catalog names from the extraction targets in the files
    and does not pick up json, appdata and mimetype catalogs, so only the necessary po files are included in the frameworks tarballs.