Fix crash when a method exposed to Kross returns QVariant with non-relocatable data

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Alexander Potashev
In the Python2 interpreter plugin we constuct a QVariant from a typeId
and a pointer to the data. When a method returns e.g. a QVariantMap
in a QVariant, the typeId is QVariant::Map, but toVoidStar() used to
point to the memory where the wrapper QVariant was stored, but the QMap
is actually stored elsewhere, because QTypeInfo<QVariantMap>::isStatic
is true.

It wasn't crashing with Qt4 because in Qt4 QVariantMap was stored in the
QVariant's internal store (the C++ union).

We add template specialization MetaTypeVariant<QVariant> to handle
QVariants differently: now we directly return QVariant::data().

This method does not crash anymore when called from a Python2 script:

QVariant returnEmptyMap()
    return QVariantMap();
Albert Astals Cid
Albert Astals Cid
Alexander Potashev
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