alignement for systemmonitoring applets

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Andreas Kainz
  1. change the minimum size and the min width in the panel
  2. speedLabels are now right align to the label cause you show the number which is drown on the right part of the diagramm
  3. round to 14 % instead of 14,14 % for cpu load

still missing:
a. hide the heading if the desktop widget has to less space for the rows
b. better friendlyName for ram, network
c. remove the gray line from the chart (0-line) at least when the applet was shown on the panel
d. don't show 0 KB/s or 0 B, ...

thanks for your review
if you know how I can fix one of the missing things, let me know
tiny improvements when missing stuff is finished.

on the desktop and the panel



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