Load KFileItemAction plugins with json metadata

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Elvis Angelaccio
dolphin, kdeframeworks

Dolphin currently doesn't support JSON-only KFileItemAction plugins (without a .desktop file).
This patch adds support for them both in the context menu and in the settings dialog (Services pane).

Since a plugin can have both a .desktop file and JSON metadata (as is the the case for kactivitymanagerd_fileitem_linking_plugin), we need to be sure to not add twice the plugin in the context menu. A QSet is used to prevent this issue.

Open question: do we want to install these json-only plugins in a specific subdirectory of $QT_PLUGIN_PATH? Like $QT_PLUGIN_PATH/kf5/kio or something else? This way we could tell Dolphin to only look for plugins within that subfolder (instead of checking every plugin in $QT_PLUGIN_PATH).

  • Build Ark master after commit c369264d6c
  • Make sure that the Compress and Extract service menus are shown
  • Make sure that the menus above can be enabled/disabled in the Services pane in the settings
  • Make sure that kactivitymanagerd_fileitem_linking_plugin is not shown twice in the context menu
Elvis Angelaccio
Elvis Angelaccio
Emmanuel Pescosta
Elvis Angelaccio
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Submitted with commit d48b73349241a46ad70cac5a5ce3e11f641650af by Elvis Angelaccio to branch master.