Parley: Remember practice direction for each practice mode

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Hartmut Riesenbeck
kdeedu, usability

New check box in StatistcsMainWindow is added. If check box is
switched on the practice direction for the current practice mode is
saved and will be restored when this practice mode is selected again.

This is a feature I personally missed. May it is usefull for the public.

Screenshot 1:
I am not shure if the location for the check box, which is switching
the feature on and off, is well choosen here in the main window (see
screenshot01). Or if it's better placed in the practice configure dialog.

Screenshot 2:
As a reply of Julians comment, I tried to improve the check box text.
I hope it is better understandable now (please excuse my limited english
knowledge). This version is ok for minimal changes on the user interface.
But for me it is not realy satisfyingly.

Screenshot 3:
Added frame arount the practise direction group. After this the check
box text can be reduce a little more. Because it's obvious that the
direction widgets belongs together. But for me the frame is not very
harmonic to the rest.

Screenshot 4:
Grouped all practice controlling widgets into frames. This is a really
big change in the user interface.But it's my favorite.

I redesigned the user interface of the statistics window from the
perspective of a programmer. This may not confirm with good user
interface design. So I added the usability group to the rewiers.
I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements.

While working on this feature a smal bug was found in configuration
file saving. File was only saved when document was modified on
closing the application. Fixed it.

Sorry for the long text. ;-)



Julian Helfferich
Hartmut Riesenbeck
Hartmut Riesenbeck
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Hartmut Riesenbeck
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