Tabs should be more homogeneously sized

Review Request #128062 - Created May 30, 2016 and updated

torham zed

A pdf with a very long name can crowd out pdfs with short names in the row of tabs.

I used several PDF files of short/long name.

The setAutomaticResizeTabs() call appeared to work much better with setElideMode disabled. I commented out the line and left it in place.

Olivier Churlaud

I let this in hold, as we are currently working on the porting to frameworks and that this function does not exist in Qt5 (for QTabwidget).

Albert Astals Cid

Patch doesn't apply to current master

  1. I was going to rebase the patch and post it again, but it really doesn't make any sense anymore. Basically all the patch does is add a line

    m_tabWidget->setAutomaticResizeTabs( true );

    but that method has been removed in Qt5, and I could not find an obvious easy replacement. A different approach seems to be necessary.