add new --list and --explain options to clazy

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Allen Winter

This patch does several things:

1) the clazy script is created from clazy.cmake so we can set some variables from the buildsystem
2) the clazy script now sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH
3) the clazy script has a new option "--list", which lists all the available checkers by level (then exits)
4) the clazy script has a new option "--explain", which will cat the README for the specified checker (actually all glob-matching checkers)

lots of local testing on linux.

try clazy --list
or clazy --explain (will cat READMEs for all the checkers)
or clazy --explain qstring (will cat READMEs for all checkers glob-matching qstring)
or clazy --explain old-style-connect


Allen Winter
Allen Winter
Allen Winter
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