Kio fish: cannot process any file or diretory having a non-latin1 name

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Fabien Shum-King

All the commands sent to the Fish server are converted to latin1. By consequence, all the non-latin1 characters are replaced by questions marks, and therefore any command involving a file or directory with such a name fails.

Created on a remote machine a file and a directory with an non-latin1 name (ex: ??, éé).
1. Connect with fish and try to copy the file to the local machine => It fails
2. Try to enter the directory => it also fails.

With the proposed fix, both work.

Fabien Shum-King
Fabien Shum-King
Fabien Shum-King
David Faure
Fabien Shum-King
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Submitted with commit 1876df2e3d59c3d0fdee3d3084a07175fc9a00ed by Albert Astals Cid on behalf of Fabien Shum-King to branch Applications/16.04.