Backup Remote Files: Treat mounted files also as remote files

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Dominik Haumann
kate, kdeframeworks

When backup-remote-files is enabled, QUrl::isLocalFile() is used. However, isLocalFile() also returns true for files that are locally mounted (e.g. nfs, sshfs, ...).

This patch uses KMountPoint::probablySlow() such that mounted remote files are also treated as "true" remote files.

However, KMountPoint::probablySlow() right now only checks the filesystem for nfs, cifs, autofs, or subfs, see:

So in addition to this patch, we may need to extend KMountPoint::probablySlow() to also return true for e.g. sshfs or similar common remote filessytems.

When reviewing the patch, please note, that katedocument.cpp also still often uses QUrl::isLocalFile(). These usages are still correct, afaics.



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Maybe it would make sense to see what's the performance impact of this call KMountPoint::currentMountPoints(). It's potentially slow and it ... Aleix Pol Gonzalez Aleix Pol Gonzalez
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