Fix missing audio duration in details view

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Marc André Wittorf

Enabling the 'duration' column in a folder with audio files did only show empty information. Properly initializing the QTime object fixes this.

  1. Find a folder with audio files
  2. Make sure that Baloo has indexed this folder
  3. Open this folder in Dolphin, detail view, enable the Audio/Duration column
  4. Unpatched Dolphin does not display audio duration, patched Dolphin does

Tested on Gentoo x86_64 with Qt 5.5.1, KF 5.21.0 and Arch x86_64 with Qt 5.6.0 and KF 5.21.0.


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Shouldn't it be the same with this? QTime duration(0, 0, value); Aleix Pol Gonzalez Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
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Marc André Wittorf
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