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René J.V. Bertin
kdegraphics, okular

I didn't pay attention for a split second, wondered how the KF5 Okular version could use a Qt4-based libqmobipocket and instead of checking (and seeing the corresponding module isn't built ATM) I thought I'd try and build at least libqmobipocket against Qt 5.

The result is the attached patch. Very much a work in progress, but since no effort has yet been made to port this particular package to KF5 I thought I'd share.

I've tried to ensure that the Qt4/KDE4 and Qt5(/KF5) versions can be coinstalled under the assumption that the KDE4 header files are not installed under ${prefix}/include (but e.g. under ${prefix}/include/KDE4 like on my system). That can be achieved easily enough by configuring kdelibs4 with -DINCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR=${prefix}/include/KDE4).

I'm not sure why the STRIGI_FOUND token isn't defined in my TARGET_QT5 cmake code path, but found a workaround which suffices for a proof-of-concept implementation.

It will probably be relatively trivial to port the thumbnailer component too but my not-so-rainy sunday afternoon is now over (IOW, I'll let myself be beaten to it happily).

It builds against Qt 5.6.0 on OS X and Linux.

Albert Astals Cid
Albert Astals Cid
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René J.V. Bertin
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