KatePart: Set search & replace foreground color

Review Request #127554 - Created April 2, 2016 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Dominik Haumann

Right now, search & replace (e.g. Ctrl+H) will set the background color to e.g. yellow and green for all matches.

However, matches in different color contexts (e.g. comments) may lead to a bad contrast, especially when using dark color schemes.

This patch sets the foreground text color to the one of dsNormal, so that we have a well-defined behavior for the search & replace highlights.

Now, when designing a new color scheme, you just need to make sure the search & replace highlight background colors look good with the dsNormal foreground color, which should be a good tradeoff in general.

Works for CTRL+H, works for built-in search & replace.
Works also for the Kate Search&Replace plugin, this is a different patch, though.