Multicursor Rev. 2

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Sven Brauch
cullmann, dhaumann, mwolff

Here it is again, now in its full glory. See also "multicursor" branch of ktexteditor. At the moment, you have to relink kate+apps (I'll fix that later).

It's nowhere near done yet, it has lots of bugs and missing features, but all the basic infrastructure is in place, so I figured it would be the right time to talk about the basic concepts now, before polishing it and then rearranging (and breaking) things again after the polishing is done ;)

- Multiple cursors which allow navigating, typing, shift-selecting, and removing. Press Ctrl+Meta and click or press Ctrl+Meta+D.
- Multiple selections, each associated with exactly one cursor. Press Ctrl+Meta and drag.
- Proper undo support.
- Proper clipboard support.

Major unfeatures (will fix):
- Blockmode is broken
- dyn wrap is a bit broken
- folding is broken

I mainly want some feedback for the KateMultiCursor/KateMultiSelection classes. Do those make sense to you in API and implementation?
I would be grateful if this could be a large-scale review first. Adding a const in 400 places can be done in a second iteration. ;)

Comes with unit tests for lots of subtleties.

Sven Brauch
Sven Brauch
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Sven Brauch

Sorry for not discarding this earlier -- code is in ktexteditor repo, multicursor branch. Thanks to Christoph for moving the tasks!