Port away keditbookmarks from KCmdLine* and K4AboutData

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Luigi Toscano
Starting point: the output of convert-kcmdlineargs.pl
Then cleanups: moved statements as suggested by scripts comments; converted the remaining items (ki18n, etc); fixed headers; added consts, QStringLiteral, translation domain; fixed termination on parser validity errors (away from KCmdLineArgs::usage); etc, etc.
Set keditbookmarks version to 5.0.
Explicitly added KI18n and CoreAddons to the required libraries (cmake).
Commented out app.disableSessionManagement in kbookmarkmerger for now (probably not critical anyway).

If this proves to be correct, can I push directly push further porting commits/cleanups to keditbookmarks (hoping for a standalone KF5 release in the not far future) or do you prefer to review all changes?

Compile, the two programs can run, now with proper version details. No apparent regression in parameter parsing.


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Submitted with commit f7266d77bd11c678689bc64bdc5697f7ad1c76fd by Luigi Toscano to branch frameworks.