ECMEnableSanitizers: avoid linking runtime for Clang

Review Request #127513 - Created March 28, 2016 and submitted

Peter Wu
buildsystem, extracmakemodules
Clang automatically adds its runtime library (librt) when given the
-fsanitize options. Do not force the GCC runtime libraries (asan, tsan,
lsan), this results in "Your application is linked against incompatible
ASan runtimes." errors when using the library in an executable built
using Clang.

Applied this patch on top of 5.20.0-1 and built Solid 5.20.0-1 with -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ -DECM_ENABLE_SANITIZERS=address. Finally be able to start ASAN-instrumented Wireshark (which was built using Clang).

Mathieu Tarral
Peter Wu
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Submitted with commit c6495e75fc6114314512427bce5e202c1ad648c6 by Albert Astals Cid on behalf of Peter Wu to branch master.