Fix build with MinGW on Windows

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Thomas Friedrichsmeier
kdeframeworks, kdewin

Fix building with MinGW on Windows, by removing conflicting FOCUS_EVENT (also "OPTIONAL" and "CreateEvent") defines. Note that there already is a similar #undef in dom2_eventsimpl.h, but this is ineffective, if the Windows defines are added after dom2_eventsimpl.h was (first) included.

First, I tried solving this by shuffling around includes, but gave up on this path after quite some trial and error. (Main route of inclusion for windows.h seems to be khtml_part.h -> parts/browserextension.h -> Platform includes.)

Now builds with MinGW.

David Faure
Thomas Friedrichsmeier
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Submitted with commit 8f58ddf1cfb053147d6d12a3e13ea33b079072ef by Thomas Friedrichsmeier to branch master.