NSIS Packager: Include distributable runtime for older versions of MSVC, too

Review Request #127239 - Created March 1, 2016 and submitted

Thomas Friedrichsmeier

NSIS Packager has code to include the VC redistributable libs for MSVC 2015. This patch does two things:

a) Try to support non-standard installation directories of MSVC. It does this by locating cl.exe, then using relative paths from that. Since somehow emerge is capable of finding my install of MSVC 2013 in a non-standard location, before it is in the path, I assume a more elegant way does exist. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out how that is done. Arguably, though, the solution suggested, here, is still more elegant than using a hard-coded (default) installation path.

b) Include the redistributable libs for older MSVC in the package, too. MSVC 2013 does not appear to ship vc_redist[arch].exe, so I'm doing that by copying the libs from VC's redist folder to the "bin" folder of the archive.

For the moment, the code will bail out with an error message for MinGW, as it there is little point in producing installers installing non-runnable applications. It should be rather straightforward to add a solution along the lines of b) for MinGW, too, however.

Tested with MSVC 2013 for RKWard. Installer is created successfully, and the installed application is runnable (while it was not, without the patch).

Not tested with MSVC 2015.


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