Fix crash when changing session without DBus

Review Request #127238 - Created March 1, 2016 and submitted

Kåre Särs
cullmann, jowenn
When changing session Kate trys to check if the session is open in another instance, but if DBus is missing we get a crash. This patch checks the DBus sessionBus pointer and pretends that there are no other instances running.

Do we need to add some lock-file mechanism to ensure we don't have two instances modifying the same session or just add a dialog warning the user if DBus is missing?
Compiled Kate on windows and am now able to change session without getting a crash.
Christoph Cullmann
Kåre Särs
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Submitted with commit a5588920f3463d01fc29d319d4cae596b125f51c by Dominik Haumann on behalf of Kåre Särs to branch Applications/15.12.