[kdesvn] Make ccontextlistener a sharedpointer

Review Request #126861 - Created Jan. 24, 2016 and discarded

Christian Ehrlicher
cgiboudeaux, dfaure

That's a step to not crash when the modal stop dialog is show and kdesvn is closed (e.g. with 'x' in the mainwindow).
CContextListener is used inside subversion callbacks to determine if the current operation should be aborted. When the main window is closed, the ccontextdata is deleted too (either because of a direct delete or indirect because of qobject parent/child relationship. But the svnClient & svnContext are still valid because thecurrently active operations are still holding a shared pointer on this.
Therefore the contextlistener is deleted and the svnContext is holding a dangling pointer...
To avoid this, I simply made the contextlistener a shared pointer too and avoid giving the contextlistener a qobject parent.

Christian Ehrlicher
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

It does not help solving the problem with crashing the app when the modal stop dialog is visible