Places data engine: Rename model role name "index" to "id"

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Daniel Faust
kde-workspace, plasma

I wrote a qml applet using the places data engine and noticed that I can't access the index variable of ListView items because it gets overwritten by the places model.
This patch renames the "index" role name to "id" in order to avoid this naming conflict.

I couldn't find any other model that is using the places data engine so I hope renaming the model role is fine.
The provided model still works and I tested the "Setup Device" and "Teardown Device" operations of the service.
The operations "Show" and "Hide" don't seem to work anyway and the others were not tested.

Kai Uwe Broulik
Marco Martin
Daniel Faust
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Submitted with commit 8bedfde2894a60dc72a0bd40589dfb900776dace by Daniel Faust to branch master.