Add optional confirmation dialog when hiding file by renaming inline

Review Request #126799 - Created Jan. 18, 2016 and discarded

Roman Gilg

This patch is based on feature request and implements a confirmation dialog when the user hides a file by renaming inline. This is meant to help new Unix users by not accidently hiding files.

It is possible to deactivate the confirmation dialog for future operations, which is saved in the Dolphin config.

Not yet considered in this basic implementation: Hiding files is generally dangerous for new users. So maybe there should allways be an (optional) warning, not only when editing filenames inline. Extending the backend by implementing the same confirmation dialog in KIO::moveAs() could be an idea for the future.

Arch, Plasma 5.5.3:
- Basic functionality
- Config saved, loaded


Kai Uwe Broulik
Roman Gilg
Roman Gilg
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