Fix for bug 358135: Media Player widget in expanded mode makes Amarok skip tracks

Review Request #126779 - Created Jan. 17, 2016 and submitted

Eduardo Lara

Reset seek slider position when changing songs

The attached patch retrieves the position from the player when:
a new maximum is set to the slider (most cases)
the the slider is already at the end (when the same song is played again)

Note that adding 1 sec to the slider when the remaining is less than a second sets the slider to maximum. Handling at that moment seemed to be too soon when I tried it. Waiting for the next iteration looked to be a better transition

Added a list of songs to Amarok that include transitions from a shorter song to a longer song, from a longer song to a shorter song and the same song twice.

Tested with the Media Player in expanded mode on the desktop and then on a panel (compact mode) while the expanded screen poped up.

Probably as importantly the test not done. I did not try with other players.


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Eduardo Lara
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Eduardo Lara
Eduardo Lara
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