[Device Notifer] Rewrite delegates to use Layouts

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Kai Uwe Broulik
plasma, usability

The code is from 2011/2012 before we had smart layouts and thus is pretty complicated with a lot of anchoring, this cleans up the code massively.

The layout layout is a bit tighter now, the eject/mount button is now a proper ToolButton. The "n actions for this device" text disappears when the actions are expanded, as you can now see the actions. Appearance/disappearance of the disk usage bar is now nicely animated, the lagging behind hover effect has been removed, however.

Also VDG: I need an action icon for "mount" (and possible for "unmount" as well)

I have the feeling the busy indicator doesn't show anymore and that the "expand newly inserted device automatically" also no longer works.

Also, IconItem doesn't like when its opacity isn't 1 (Bug 355894) and I get strange glowing when the actions list expands.

Next step will be improving the status bar by providing in-line feedback (ie. you click unmount on your USB stick and your USB stick gets a warning icon with a message, instead of this detached status bar at the bottom)


Marco Martin
Kai Uwe Broulik
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