Don't segfault when failing to load a plugin.

Review Request #126646 - Created Jan. 5, 2016 and discarded

Jeremy Whiting

With today's build of kf5 branch k3b wouldn't start because the KPluginInfo for one of the plugins (I think the maddecoder most likely) fails to load and causes a segfault when trying to access the pluginName().

I added a qDebug() for valid plugins to see which name k3bmaddecoder is getting also, and fixed the name check in this patch. It's still failing to load though with debug output like this:

"K3b MAD Decoder" "k3bmaddecoder"
Loaded plugin "K3b MAD Decoder"
"k3bmaddecoder.desktop" has no desktop group, cannot construct a KPluginInfo object from it.

similar output for other plugins. It does seem to start and lets me add mp3 files to an audio cd project though with this change.

Johannes Obermayr
Jeremy Whiting
Review request changed

Status: Discarded