Do not use Xf86vm but ${X11_Xxf86vm_LIB} when linking kcmgamma

Review Request #126603 - Created Jan. 2, 2016 and submitted

Tobias Berner
davidedmundson, wbauer

Linking of kgamma5 fails on FreeBSD as target_link_library just uses Xxf86vm
without also appending X11_LIBRARY_DIR to link_directories.
To fix this, just use ${X11_Xxf86vm_LIB} which has the full path of the library
and there is no need change link_directories.

build locally.

David Edmundson
Wolfgang Bauer
Tobias Berner
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Submitted with commit 1ddb19068cd97da8ed36886f5610c79e8cffc657 by Wolfgang Bauer on behalf of Tobias Berner to branch Plasma/5.6.
Wolfgang Bauer

I committed this to 5.6 and master now.
I hope that's ok...