[kdesvn] replace svn::SharedPointer with QSharedPointer

Review Request #126592 - Created Jan. 1, 2016 and submitted

Christian Ehrlicher
cgiboudeaux, dfaure

This replaces
- svn::SharedPointer<svn::LogEntriesMap> with QSharedPointer<svn::LogEntriesMap>
- svn::SharedPointer<svn::Status> with QSharedPointer<svn::Status>
- svn::SharedPointer<svn::PathPropertiesMapList> with QSharedPointer<svn::PathPropertiesMapList>
LogEntriesMapPtr and StatusPtr typedef were added

It's the last place where svn::Shared/SmartPointer is used and should be the last review before a 1.7rc.

Log entries are still displayed :)

David Faure
Christian Ehrlicher
Review request changed

Status: Closed (submitted)

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Submitted with commit fe1a7a3d8d627fcda34ee8b82aa37a7443e90cf1 by Christian Ehrlicher to branch master.