Bug 357297 - KDESVN crash after entering password

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Christian Ehrlicher
cgiboudeaux, dfaure

As described in bug 357297, the password for the private ssh key is not cached which results in an endless password request (one for each svn action which can be a lot esp. when caching the logs in the local db).
This is due the assumption that, when a ssh-agent is running, the passwords for the private keys are already cached / added via ssh-add. But this must not be true. Therefore the better approach is, to run ssh-add by ourself, no matter if we started the ssh-agent or not.
Maybe it can be checked if there are already identities added with 'ssh-add -l' ...

After the fix, the password must only be entered once, also proved by the bug reporter

David Faure
Christian Ehrlicher
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