Fixed custom wallpaper being not respected by sddm.

Review Request #126524 - Created Dec. 26, 2015 and submitted

Joshua Noack

For some reason sddm cannot handle absolute file paths to wallpapers
and also needs the wallpaper to be readable by others.

This is fixed by copying the wallpaper to the root directory of the
selected theme.

On save the sddmauthhelper copies the background from the absolute path
into the theme directory and sets the "background" key of the
theme.user.conf to the copied file. If previously a different background was
set it is removed beforehand.

Copies and removes backgrounds as intended.
The wallpaper is shown in sddm.


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Ideally we should check the calling user can read this file, as you technically have a security bug. Otherwise I ... David Edmundson David Edmundson
the file could have changed regardless of whether the name has, like if I edit it in krita or something. ... David Edmundson David Edmundson
David Edmundson
Joshua Noack
Joshua Noack
Joshua Noack
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Submitted with commit 50445f794b3142f29dcc043f3af83c549c694bcd by David Edmundson on behalf of Joshua Noack to branch Plasma/5.8.