Replace hardcoded event ids with QEvent::registerEvent() and use specialized classes instead a DataEvent with a void* ptr (Part1/2)

Review Request #126456 - Created Dec. 21, 2015 and discarded

Christian Ehrlicher
cgiboudeaux, dfaure

During my checks with valgrind I found a memleak in the event dispatching code. After inspecting the sources I found, that most events are delivered as a generic 'DataEvent' which holds a void* ptr. This pointer is then casted to the specific structure. Sometimes this structure has to be deleted (but only sometimes) which leads to a memleak. The deletion will also not work when more than one receiver is in place (which is not the case here but who knows).
Also hardcoded event-ids are no good idea because they can be used by other parts too which can lead to a lot of confusion...
I changed this by creating a dedicated event class for each event.
This is the first patch which changes the events for FillCacheThread and ModifiedThread.

The events are still delivered as expected.

David Faure
Christian Ehrlicher
Review request changed

Status: Discarded