Rework of commitmodel and dialog

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Christian Ehrlicher
cgiboudeaux, dfaure

The Commit dialog had a problem with the 'hide new files' functionality. Internally two lists (visible & hidden files) were used. The handling was somehow broken so that some files disappeared after toggling. Short test: create three new files in a directory, push the hide new files button twice and you'll see only two of them again...). Within this work to fix this, I also changed other things:
- instead doing checked/unchecked handling inside CommitModel, use a separate CommitFilterModel to avoid the (faulty) handling of two lists inside CommitModel
- use QVector instead QList
- Enable/Disable the 'Revert/Diff Item' buttons depending on the current selected item
- Toggle text in Hide new Items button

Did some test commits with debug-lines and all seems to be ok. I also changed to sort order in the view to check if all mapTo/mapFromSource are correct.


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