[notifications] Refactor the screen handling code

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Martin Klapetek
If anybody with multi-screen setup could test this,
that'd be much appreciated.


After the 5.5.0/.1 there were quite a few reports about
notifications having all sorts of wrong positions and
appearing on the wrong screens and combination of these.

So I started looking into the code, added a thing here,
removed a thing there and after a while it turned into
a small refactor of the screen and position handling

This patch does this:
* moves the screen handling code from the import into
  the applet baseclass, which can access the containment
  available screen rect and watch for screen changes
* fixes the applet config dialog's custom screen position
  setting which has a bug of always being enabled
* consolidates duplicated code in the helper import
  into functions
* ensures that popups have correct positions when on
  screen that does not start with y=0 (and x=0 in some
  cases too)

I've been testing all sorts of im/possible combinations
of multi-screen setups, panel movements on screen, between
screens, screen movements etc. Worked as expected in all

Einar77 also confirms things are working correctly after
a quick test.

Martin Flöser
Martin Klapetek
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Submitted with commit 0c6b354b7e22297544f1d37608d6fdcd777c4d52 by Martin Klapetek to branch Plasma/5.5.