Make the "Plasma (Wayland)" xsession file actually say "Plasma (Wayland)"

Review Request #126275 - Created Dec. 8, 2015 and discarded

Martin Klapetek

The commit/review says it's displayed as "Plasma (Wayland)"
but the name is just "Plasma", making it confusing in login

Sddm now clearly shows which "Plasma" is Waylandplasma.

Bhushan Shah
Martin Flöser
Martin Klapetek
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Rex Dieter

I (still) think it should be renamed and Wayland mentioned somewhere. Not all login managers distinguish wayland sessions like sddm does.

  1. Though if you do SDDM will say:

    Plasma (wayland) (wayland)

  2. If need be, yes.

  3. AFAIR, SDDM is the only one officially supported by Plasma. It's not really acceptable that it has visual regressions.

  4. I agree with Rex though, imo it should be up to the desktop to
    provide the "wayland" string in its file rather than sddm itself.
    Our stuff shouldn't make assumptions about its visual representations.

  5. to put another way, some downstreams will need to patch in a wayland identifier (fedora included), i'd rather that not be the case

  6. I just think there should not be a "Wayland" at all - neither an "X11". It's an extremly technical name no real user will be able to understand. So let's take a step back and think how we want to call it.

  7. It's an extremly technical name no real user will be able to understand

    True, but for the time being, a wayland session is an extremely
    technical thing no real user should use. So I would say it's fine
    for now to be technical.

    Nevertheless this will have to be taken up with sddm later if you
    don't want "wayland" to appear there at all.

  8. Let's call it "Plasma Next" ;)

  9. Next/Legacy is I think the approach to go. Something like "Plasma on experimental windowing system" and then in future "Plasma on legacy windowing system". It should be named better of course, just not Wayland.