Fix build with Qt 5.6

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Jan Kundrát
graesslin, hrvojes

Fix build with Qt 5.6

A recent change [1] led to Qt5PlatformSupport.pc not being installed
anymore. Pkg-config was only used for finding the paths, and the actual
include flags and library names were hardcoded in KWin's
FindQt5PlatformSupport.cmake anyway, so let's just focus on finding
Qt5Gui, the module which provides this Qt5PlatformSupport library, and
work from there.

Thanks to Hrvoje Senjan (shumski) for pointing me towards the upstream
Gerrit change.


REVIEW: 126234

Hrvoje Senjan
Martin Flöser
Hrvoje Senjan
Jan Kundrát
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Submitted with commit 05c542ad602a114751f34ac9d03597f11e95470f by Rex Dieter on behalf of Jan Kundrát to branch Plasma/5.5.