Rework the notifications positioning a bit

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Martin Klapetek

The notifications popup positioning recently regressed
by some other changes (looks like Qt) and the popups
would fly across the screen (bug 355069).

The proper solution is using KWin effect but given how
close the release is, this needs to be dealt with in a
different way.

The main problem is calculating the initial popup size
because as long as the Dialog is invisible, it has an
incorrect geometry, so it needs to be positioned right
after it's being displayed. The Dialog however gets the
sizes even later, so the code now calls a slot from Dialog
that ensures the sizes are correct before the initial
placement on screen. It's not ideal but I'm out of ideas
otherwise. Plus it should be only temporary until the
KWin effect will replace it.

I can no longer reproduce notifications flying across
the screen.


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David Edmundson
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Martin Flöser

I'm glad that you found a solution which works just in time for the release! Good work!