[Widget Explorer] Make it feel a lot quicker

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Kai Uwe Broulik
master, 5.5?

Widget Explorer takes quite a while to open. Especially now that we load basically double the number of items (two columns) and significantly more complex SVGs. This patch uses a couple of tricks to make it feel a lot faster:
- Create context menu items on demand
- Set the model for the list after a slight delay
- Some minor cleanups

By setting the model later we let the dialog slide in first (KWin does the animation anyway so it won't block) and then nicely fade in the view once we have loaded it.

I have noticed that the applet item model which gets the decoration role from the applet package can take quite a while blocking the explorer. It might also be worth investigating whether we should keep the WidgetExplorer around when it has been opened once (I mean the model, not the QML view) so we save creating the model everytime we open it again.

Feels a lot quicker now.


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