taskmanager: Fix sometimes not showing labels in tooltip

Review Request #126162 - Created Nov. 24, 2015 and submitted

David Rosca

This is basically patch by Fabian Vogt from the bugreport.
But it is still not fixed, so I opened the RR myself.

Bug is now fixed, I cannot see any side-effects.

Reliable way to reproduce bug:

  1. Set some launcher to always show
  2. Make sure the app from step 1. is not running (so you have the launcher in taskmanager without running app)
  3. Mouse over the launcher from step 1., let the tooltip show and then move mouse out to hide it.
  4. Mouse over some other taskmanager entry that is for running application
  5. Tooltip is shown without labels
Eike Hein
David Rosca
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Status: Closed (submitted)

Change Summary:

Submitted with commit 0ed62041f1715d4e732576bde3e98b7c6d1f3190 by David Rosca on behalf of Fabian Vogt to branch Plasma/5.5.