WIP: Allow using QTextBrowser for documentation instead of QtWebKit

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Alex Richardson

Allow using QTextBrowser instead of QtWebKit

compiles on my system which no longer has QtWebKit


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Eike Hein

This needs rebasing again after the buildsystem/webengine changes ... please save my sanity :(

  1. webengine changes

    ? This is about using QTextBrowser instead of WebKit, so where does WebEngine come in? (I thought there was some agreement not to let KDevelop depend on that behemoth?!)

  2. Basically build system stuff in kdevplatform was shuffled around when WebEngine support was added. It can use both WebEngine and WebKit now, but I don't want to build either, so ...

  3. Yikes, yes. WebKit is one thing (I actually use it), WebEngine with its helper process(es) another... I have it installed so I hope it's not going to invite itself in my build once support for it appears in the 5.1 branch or I go back to using the master branch.

    Is either actually required for the documentation popup windows?

    In fact, my suggestion here would be:
    - use QTextBrowser (or some derivative) in KDevelop
    - move the help/documentation components that could benefit from more capable HTML rendering to a standalone application (or a KPart that can either be loaded in KDevelop or in some dedicated shell application).

    I have a hunch this would also reduce KDevelop's memory footprint if you use the documentation toolview(s)/plugin(s). And on Mac it could help prevent filedescriptor depletion when you have lots of Qt compressed help files.