allow loading backends in-process

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Sebastian Kügler
plasma, solid
afiestas, apol, dvratil, graesslin

This patchset adds in-process operation to libkscreen

- allow easier debugging
- for some backends (qscreen, upcoming kwayland) the out of process operation is not necessary since these backends are well-shielded

This implementation is backwards compatible and opt-in for running setups.

If the user exports KSCREEN_BACKEND_INPROCESS=1 before running, all operations will be done in process. Otherwise, the out-of-process mode is used.

Changes revolve around the ConfigOperations, the BackendManager (which "factories" the backends, either in- or out-of-process), and the plugin loading logic

Autotests should cover all the cases (and actually a few currently unsupported ones, such as using different backends in the same process).

Details on performance, etc.:

Added a ton of autotests, made sure all existing ones pass.

tried "KSCREEN_BACKEND_INPROCESS=1 kcmshell5 kscreen", all working as expected.


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Sebastian Kügler
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Sebastian Kügler
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