Remove printscreen.khotkeys from KHotkeys package

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Boudhayan Gupta
kdeframeworks, plasma

After moving KSnapshot to Extragear I've modified it to install its own khotkeys file (which it does correctly). Spectacle already installs its own KHotkeys file, so there's no reason anymore for KHotkeys to include its own PrintScreen hotkey file.

I'll push out a special release of KSnapshot for distributions to use once the Plasma 5.5 version of KHotkeys is pushed out, so printscreen functionality won't be broken on the desktop (assuming, that is, distros push out the updates together).

Doesn't install the printscreen.khotkeys file anymore

Hrvoje Senjan
Martin Flöser
Boudhayan Gupta
Boudhayan Gupta
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Submitted with commit a8c177911dea1e099bfb499f199ee7039c756cde by Boudhayan Gupta to branch master.
Bhushan Shah

You commited it to wrong branch.. should be Plasma/5.5 then master.

  1. Pushed master first, sorry :-D