fix: kacess should not be built if xkb is not present

Review Request #126013 - Created Nov. 10, 2015 and submitted

Johan Ouwerkerk
The XCB-XKB dependency of plasma-desktop is optional, however kacess depends directly and unconditionally on the xcb/xkb.h header file.
This causes the build of plasma-desktop to fail at compile stage if the xkb header is not present.

As per the convention in the kcm modules shipped by plasma-desktop, inclusion of the kacess subdirectory is made conditional on XKB being present and properly detected during the cmake configure stage.
Built without xkb header, using kdesrc-build
David Edmundson
Johan Ouwerkerk
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Submitted with commit 8ebadcaf162142a8040aed589bb6232e2b186f0a by Sebastian Kügler to branch master.