Handle conflicts between epoxy and manually resolved function pointers

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Martin Flöser

For the functions from GL_FOO_robustness we want to resolve it by
ourselves in order to add a custom implementation if it's not available.
Unfortunately once epoxy.h is included this breaks as epoxy defines the
names and so through the preprocessor epoxy always wins.

So we need different names: all functions from robustness get a "kwin"
prefix and the usage is changed everywhere in kwin source code.

This is on top of http://commits.kde.org/clones/kwin/graesslin/kwin/7eaad2e6544e2437a69a27d186af6f6653f4e391

Rohan Garg
Thomas Lübking
Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
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Martin Flöser

Today I investigated another issue together with Rohan and we figured out that all is stupid. We were looking at a completely wrong problem: the driver supports robustness, the problem is that we don't create a robust context.