WIP: task geometries to wayland for minimize effect

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Marco Martin
kwin, plasma

this exposes the geometry of taskbar entries in plasma-windowmanagement, in order to make the minimize effects possible.
unlike on X11, it takes relative positions and it has one geometry per panel, making possible to have multiple taskbars working.

however this is still not completely exposed, as internally kwin has still only one geometry, it will need a change in kwin itself (suggestions welcome) probably the rotocol will need also a minimizeTo function that takes the panel as argument.

another thing completely missing is tests: unfortunately the whole plasma-windowmanagement doesn't have any autotest yet :/



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if (panelSurface) ... Thomas Lübking Thomas Lübking
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why QRectF and then toRect()? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
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the setter differs from the getter? Thomas Lübking Thomas Lübking
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Thomas Lübking


the setter differs from the getter?

mitted unconditionally (on idempotent sets)

stray semicolon

emitted unconditionally

sorry for the post review (and in case this has been addressed for the ultimate commt)

  1. last commit on master should address those comments