Fix SystemLoadViewer freezing plasmashell

Review Request #125858 - Created Oct. 29, 2015 and submitted

Kåre Särs
davidedmundson, myrjola

The SystemLoadViewer freezes plasmashell when the systemmonitor data-engine returns erroneous values. The freeze only happens with the compact bars selected.

This patch ensures that the proportions of the loads do not exceed 1.

This patch should fix BUG: 348385

I did run a version of this patch over night that had extra debug printouts and I got 17 printouts with huge values returned. The limitation of the value to max 1, prevented freezes.

Marco Martin
David Edmundson
David Edmundson
Kåre Särs
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Submitted with commit e32a705bcca843b71fa5a43defd2d0630cb2f810 by Kåre Särs to branch Plasma/5.4.