Relicense invalid license to LGPL 2.1+

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Diane Trout

Scott Kitterman noticed the license for this code was
"GPL 2.1+" which doesn't exist.

I (Diane Trout) tried to contact the author on a few occasions but
did not see a response.

I believe this code was created as a Google Summer of Code project and
so the following criteria which states that the student needs to choose
a license approved by the mentoring organization.

The most likely thing is that the original license block is a
typo and the student had first written GPL-3, but then changed it to
GPL 2.1, but forgot to add the "Lesser".

In an ideal world the student Marcin Ziemi?ski would approve this.

Ran licensecheck -cr * | grep -v LGPL and made sure there was no GPL license still around.

Scott Kitterman
David Edmundson
Jonathan Riddell
Diane Trout
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