[Lock Screen] Use org.kde.plasma.private.sessions for User Switcher

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Kai Uwe Broulik
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This migrates the Lock Screen qml from using ksmserver's Session model to the new one provided by components.


  • It now shows the user avatar and full name in the user switcher

  • It only offers to switch sessions if there are any

I would like to remove the sessions model stuff from the screenlocker greeter (given it's unused then and would bitrot), however we probably cannot do this or else we break 3rd party look and feel packages.

Switching users (both to other X and TTY) as well as creating a new session works.
The model does not update, however, meaning if you log in elsewhere the "Switch session" button won't magically appear while the screen is locked. I don't think the old model did that either.

Also, when cancelling the user switch, it will scroll the view back to the first item so you're not stranded with two buttons with the user scrolled out of the view with no indication (I think there was a bug report and the code was there, it just tried to reset the wrong index property)


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