Add options to select password storage to all password fields

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Jan Grulich
networkmanagement, usability

I took again inspiration from nm-connection-editor and extended our editor to allow to users select password storage. Now each password field has an option to either store password to all users (store it to NM) or to current user (store it to KWallet) or do not store it at all (user will be prompted) or tell NM that the password is not required at all (available only for some connection types). Also during transformation of strongswan vpn plugin I found out that strongswan shouldn't support password storing at all (according to NM plugin) so I removed it accordingly.

  • this patch also tries to fix couple of coding style issues as usual

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In Plasma NM 0.9.0.x we used to have an option to store secrets for a list of users. Has not ... Lamarque Souza Lamarque Souza
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