Install kconf_update script in kdelibs4 directory

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Jonathan Riddell
davidedmundson, sitter

Install kconf_update script in kdelibs4 directory because kmix is a kdelibs4 application and installing it in kf5 directories won't do anything

This uses kde4-config. I looked at using KDELibs4 cmake classes from KDELibs4/KDELibsDependencies.cmake but couldn't work out how to load it in cmake and it has the wrong values set for its variables anyway.

Installs to the right place
When installed it writes the new kmixrc that turns off autostart

Hrvoje Senjan
Jonathan Riddell
Jonathan Riddell
Sebastian Kügler
Jonathan Riddell
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Submitted with commit cbc51943750047d722d25c725461dae4b0037e78 by Jonathan Riddell to branch Plasma/5.4.
Siddhartha Sahu

The kdelibs4 data directory will usually be "/usr/share/apps/", which is a root protected directory. This means unpriviledged kdesrc-builds to a separate CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is now failing, because it does not have permission to write to /usr/share/apps/kconf_update/disable_kmix.upd

Ideas on making this work without needing sudo priviledges?